BUILDING SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES FIT FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD 62 // LOOKING FORWARD TO 2030 & 2050 This report outlines the thinking that has driven the creation of our Sustainable Business Model and the Framework that we have put in place so that we are prepared for mitigation and where needed, adaptation and transformation strategies. This will ensure that our businesses are capable of operating in, and can help bring about, the world that we want to see in 2030 and beyond. Our process recognises that legislation often lags behind what is really needed and enables us to proactively lead our businesses ahead of the law as it changes going forward. Leaders will find ways to pull their whole value chains down the legislative “funnel” that shapes our Model for Sustainable Business. We welcome engagement with leaders in sustainable business practices and encourage critique, challenge and collaboration. We look forward to your opinions on our thinking, our Model for Sustainable Business and how we can do more to achieve our ambition of leadership in building sustainable businesses. Please share your feedback via Future Proofing