An Aditya Birla Group Commitment 59 Entering markets that offer long-term opportunity will play a role in a more sustainable future. This will mean engagement and direction from our leadership in a way that we have previously not sought. Our Birla Solar business is one example of how foresight has led to entry into a sector with long-term growth prospects. We are using our knowledge of international best practice to develop traction in renewable energy which is currently an immature market in India. We are managing our operations to be nimble enough to respond to the changing legislative and infrastructure developments that will shape the sector. To complement this, our other businesses are exploring alternative energy supplies, energy storage and we are watching opportunities in other renewable energy markets. Liva fabric and Novelis’ evercan™ are examples of market expansion through a brand-driven approach that helps create differentiation from our competitors. Testing the water now through such innovations not only builds our capabilities and positioning but also accelerates the pace of change toward a more sustainable future. Preparing for tech advancements We are proactively seeking out technological advancements to develop both our operational efficiencies and product development around the world. Exploring advancements in areas such as automated systems at both Group and operational levels means we can better analyse and shape our decision making for the future. At a sector level, Ultratech has been instrumental in providing learning on the application of low carbon technologies as part of the CSI. This initiative, powered by the WBCSD and the International Energy Agency (IEA) has set out a Technology Roadmap that looks to build a low- carbon economy for the Indian Cement Industry. By participating in the CSI, Ultratech has contributed to highlighting the urgency of identifying technology that can reduce energy use and carbon dioxide intensity of cement production. Ultratech has been instrumental in bringing about the Indian Roadmap for the sector and for implementing technological adaptations in its operational processes. This has included exploring the use of alternative fuels and waste re-commissioning, using different, more advanced materials and achieving reductions in electricity consumption. // ENTERING NEW MARKETS Future Proofing 05 Future Proofing