An Aditya Birla Group Commitment 53 05 Future Proofing Empowering our management teams to understand risks Businesses go through life cycles and those that are unable to keep up with the changes required tend to fail. Within the constraints of a resource stretched world, we see only the most capable management teams adapting and transforming their businesses successfully. The Group Sustainability Cell engages with our business leaders so that they are informed of such trends, they understand risks at key points of the sustainable business life cycle and are able to plan accordingly. We are working hard across our businesses to proactively adapt to the trends that we are seeing. The management team at Novelis has responded to the pressures in its sector by adapting before others to become a leader in recycled aluminium that has resulted in both cost and operational advantages. The foresight to transform the business first means that they are well placed to respond to the rising standards and performance that the lifecycle curve predicts for the future. We know that the perception of risk changes over time and businesses have been caught off-guard when a potential risk has turned to crisis. At that stage, the only solution is through adaptation or transformation as the only choice for survival. In order to not fall foul to such occurrences, the Aditya Birla Group is working with our businesses to map risks over time. We have developed a simple map to help guide both their thinking and performance. This is being used across our businesses and operational guidance is given through engagements organised by the Group Sustainability Cell. Our Group businesses are using this tool to map their current status and chart their future directions for key performance areas. It is proving to be a vital tool in communicating business performance and direction of travel. TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Only very capable management teams willl be able to build sustainable businesses Rising Standards & Performance The Brutland Report Rio +20 COP21 Paris 2, 3 or more degrees? Year 1987 1992 2015 2020 2030 2050 THE SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS LIFECYCLE CURVE Shakeout of companies that cannot afford or have technical or structural issues so cannot comply with the needs of the sustainable world of 2030 and 2050