An Aditya Birla Group Commitment 47 Inspiring our leadership Building strategic stakeholder relationships requires a different approach from the leadership within our businesses as well as our site managers. Moving stakeholders from being seen as partners for operational programme delivery to providers of counsel on issues that may not yet effect our operations requires broadening the lens from which we view our external relationships. In order to assist in the identification and development of key strategic stakeholder relationships, the Group approach is being standardised through policy and management standards that help and guide our businesses to work more effectively. The Group Sustainability Cell is practically involved through facilitating introductions to expert organisations, supporting businesses in developing new and evolving current relationships. We are also bolstering our business’ engagement by elevating their presence on strategic platforms to Group level. We place the onus on our leadership to drive thinking within their medium and long-term strategic planning processes. Financial gains can only be maintained if such risks are seriously incorporated into our planning and we believe that it is this that will differentiate the Aditya Birla Group approach. Centre for Indian Industry Climate Sustainable Apparel Coalition Forum for the Future World Business Council for Sustainable Development IUCN Ellen Macarthur Foundation Strategic Stakeholders Traditional Stakeholders Communities Employees NGO’s Customers Government Banks Regulators Contractors Suppliers THE ADITYA BIRLA GROUP STAKEHOLDER MAP Shareholders 04 Strategic Stakeholder Engagement