An Aditya Birla Group Commitment 43 UltraTech is using the waste it generates in their captive power plants in an innovative way by blending it with cement and other waste materials such as chemical and marine gypsum to lower the clinker factor of their cement. This reduces the need for a by-product going to landfill and it produces real cost saving for the business. Further, UltraTech was among the first cement companies in India to adopt concrete recycling in its plants right from its inception in 1998. The concrete recycling system (Baton Wash) separates solid material over 0.15 mm diameter from the water through a spiral system rotating inside an inclined drum. Slurry water is discharged from the recycling system into storage tanks and is then reused in new concrete production. UltraTech has 62 water recycling plants across India. For our lower risk operations that are largely office- based such as Birla Finance, measures are being rolled out to reduce waste such as reduced plastic consumption and increased energy efficiency by measures such as adopting LED lighting. IDEA Cellular is in the process of rolling out a waste management manual to lay out clear guidelines on management of its various types of wastes generated across its offices, towers and other infrastructure. 03 Responsible Stewardship WASTE GENERATED BY BUSINESS (TONNES) *Non-hazardous waste of mining business excludes overburden HAZARDOUS WASTE NON HAZARDOUS WASTE FY17 FY18 FY17 FY18 BIRLA CARBON 303 1,782 12,957 25,272 CHEMICALS 10,559 8,275 353,437 382,594 FERTILIZERS 13 91 433 753 HINDALCO 290,025 322,955 10,970,000 11,316,501 INSULATORS 30 52 7,521 9,097 MINING 2,070 3,210 23 56 NOVELIS 77,936 77,917 143,997 162,100 PULP & FIBRE 108,812 148,875 269,849 273,106 RETAIL 3 5 3,443 4,759 TELECOM 2,279 2,004 1,538 2,218 TEXTILE/AF/OS 600 699 30,769 25,746 ULTRATECH 1,525 1,566 608,216 330,991 TOTAL 494,155 567,432 12,402,183 12,533,193