An Aditya Birla Group Commitment 29 03 Responsible Stewardship Quantitative Exposure Assessments Based on input from the QLEA, Quantitative Exposure Assessments (QNEA) are being conducted to measure specific exposure to occupational health hazards in the workplace through the application of established sampling and monitoring protocols. This output of QNEA has helped to establish baselines for exposure levels and also satisfy statutory requirements. QNEA results also support us in justifying the need to implement control measures and, for example, to see if the current respiratory protection is adequate. So far, 21 of our sites have conducted this assessment with support from the Group Sustainability Cell. INDIA THAILAND INDONESIA PHILLIPINES CHINA METAL CEMENT CHEMICALS FERTILISERS INSULATORS TELECOM MINES PULP & FIBRE TEXTILES RETAIL (MADURA FACTORIES) CARBON BLACK INDIA THAILAND METAL CHEMICALS FERTILISERS INSULATORS MINES TEXTILES RETAIL (MADURA FACTORIES) Qualitative Exposure Assessments We are introducing a programme of Qualitative Exposure Assessments (QLEA) at all our operations. So far, 82 of our sites have undergone this with support from the Group Sustainability Cell. A list of hazards is collated for each Similar Exposure Group (SEG) and prioritised so that sites can ensure a process of focused occupational health surveillance. This allows our management teams to establish a baseline for their operational activities, identify any gaps, develop action plans for hazard management and to align annual health check-ups to identify occupational diseases based on the potential threat. QLEA SUPPORT ACROSS GEOGRAPHIES & GROUP INDUSTRIES QNEA SUPPORT ACROSS GEOGRAPHIES & GROUP INDUSTRIES