BUILDING SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES FIT FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD 20 The first step of our Group-wide assurance process is rigorous and focussed on positive legal compliance. We operate 166 manufacturing sites located in 23 countries. The legal self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ) are now available to cover 153 of those sites located in 15 countries. 81 of those sites have not completed the programme and it is our target to cover all the manufacturing sites of all our businesses by FY2018 to complete the roll-out of our positive legal compliance self-diagnosis process. Our compliance and assurance programme is designed to ensure that business management teams can prove to themselves and their governance committees that they meet the requirements of both local law and the ABG Framework. The programme is both efficient and cost effective as it is only when a high level of compliance and conformance is reported by the local site validators that the Group’s Assurance Experts visit a site to provide an “integrity check”. Weaknesses found during the assurance self assessment are built in to a gap analysis that gives managers the independence to develop and implement appropriate improvement plans for their operations. A low score results in subject matter experts being deployed to help a site make the improvements that are needed. The ABG Sustainable Business Framework has been assured by an internationally renowned independent third party to ensure that it conforms to the various international standards that are incorporated into it. These include: IFC Performance standards; OECD Guidelines; United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment; United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights; US OSHA standards; United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH); American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH); International Standards Organisation, International Labour Organisation Standards; Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard; World Resources Institute (WRI) - Aqueduct, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ABG sites are subject to a range of compliance and conformance obligations relating to sustainability issues. To assist with this process, we have developed scoring and heat map reports to gauge and monitor site performance against the different technical and management standards and an action plan is developed to ensure improvements. These reports are reviewed quarterly by our internal Business Review Councils. Tracking Performance Against Legal Compliance The ABG sites are classified based on the scores obtained through the assessment and legal questionnaires. They are categories are: 1) compliant when the score is 100%, 2)  compliance status needs improvement if the scores are within 98 – 100%, 3)  Methods to ensure compliance require improvement, facility with substantial compliance gaps, if the scores are within 95-98% and 4)  Methods to ensure compliance are failing, troubled facility with severe non-compliance, if the score is 95% GOOD 398 >80-95% SATISFACTORY 378 >60-80% UNSATISFACTORY 356