BUILDING SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES FIT FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD 18 Expert Opinion For leading companies, sustainability is not just about minimising risks anymore but also about creating positive outcomes that drive value for all stakeholders as well as for society as a whole. We believe that with the right people, processes and technology, we can create a path to excellence that leads to true enterprise sustainability. We also believe that technology can be a game-changer. This belief drives all our activities and the work we carry out with these organisations all over the world. This is how Enablon has become the world’s leading Sustainability, EHS and Risk Management software provider. Our mission is to help companies operate safely, reduce their risks, increase efficiency and become more sustainable, in order to not just survive, but thrive. Today, we empower professionals from over 1,000 global companies worldwide, spanning all industry sectors. We have followed a dual path by embedding advanced technology innovations in our platform and focusing on supporting the success of customers’ sustainability initiatives. This is, by providing a single integrated platform that covers all aspects of EHS, Risk and Sustainability to enable our customer organizations to become efficient, compliant and resilient. This “perfect storm” of new technology, expertise and global awareness is now starting to have a much more profound impact on how businesses are managed. Over more than a decade of collaboration with the world’s largest organisations, we have seen many private companies successfully take on the challenge. Starting local, companies are recognising the potential that technology holds in managing their operations across geographies and markets. The consistency of information and its availability in real-time means that managers and leaders are able to make much more informed decisions about their operations. Dips in performance are signposted and can be dealt with instantly, well before they could possibly turn into major risks for the business. For future-thinking organisations, access to credible information provides the opportunity for differentiation. The first step is for business leaders to recognise the untapped potential of their sustainability data – this is not about being a ‘nice to do’ but about being in a position to proactively drive business growth. A company that ensures its operations by upholding these processes and principles is bound to be sustainable in the long run. Last year, we were proud to award the Aditya Birla Group our highest accolade award “The Most Sustainable Company” for their innovative Sustainable Business model and use of Enablon. Phil Tesler, Co-founder & CEO Enablon North America TECH SOLUTIONS TO SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS LEADERSHIP Expert Opinion