An Aditya Birla Group Commitment 17 //  HAVING THE RIGHT SYSTEMS & PROCESSES The ABG Sustainable Business Framework bolsters our management systems and processes and sets the groundwork for the changes that we need to make at Group, business and local site levels. A unified approach to our conduct and governance is crucial for Group success. All employees are required to follow the Group Code of Conduct that enshrines our core values of Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness and Speed. Our businesses use this to drive their own codes and practices. Governance Our governance structures engage senior management as well as those on the ground. This ensures that all colleagues are driving change in a uniform way. GROUP LEVEL OUR SUSTAINABILITY GOVERNANCE SYSTEM 02 Creating A Sustainable Business Creating A Sustainable Business Group Apex Sustainability Committee The Committee meets quarterly. Its members include: Chief Executive, Chief Financial, Chief Human Resources and Chief Sustainability Officers from the Group, appointed by the Chairman. It provides advice and guidance on implementing the Group’s policies and standards for which it has oversight and studies the major trends likely to impact our businesses. It reports back to the Chairman and Business Review Councils on company performance and ensures that sustainability risks are being assessed, controlled and managed effectively. Business Review Councils The internal Councils oversee performance and the day-to-day progress towards international standards and best practice. They review and approve the budgets for investments needed to progress. Group Sustainability Cell The Cell has four functions: (i) to translate international standards into Group Sustainable Business Framework of Policies, Technical and Management Standards and to provide Guidance Notes, and Training programmes making these easy to implement; (ii) to oversee the methodology of self-assurance for businesses to assess their own management systems and performance against the ABG framework; (iii) to provide technical support to businesses including weekly webinars, training/ workshop sessions and site visits; (iv) to help leadership teams gain an understanding of changes happening and help integrate them into operational strategies through Horizon Scanning and Future Proofing. Site Manager led Sustainability & Safety Committee Site-level committees ensure that the Framework is being implemented on the ground. These are mandated to deliver the requirements outlined in our Group policies appropriately for the site, complete our framework self-assessment questionnaires and to put action plans in place to meet ABG Standards. The Committee also drives training and development needs in collaboration with the Group Sustainability Cell. BUSINESS LEVEL SITE LEVEL Business Sustainability Committees All our major businesses have Sustainability Committees led by their Business Leader, CEO or Deputy CEO. They are responsible for the overall integration of the sustainability framework across their operations and the initiatives that drive it through the business.