BUILDING SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES FIT FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD 16 The implementation of the three pillars allows for meaningful decision-making and helps our leaders become better equipped for the new competitive landscape being formed by changing geo-political, legal, technological, structural and geographical parameters in their markets. Each pillar is underpinned by policies, technical standards and programmes of activity to guide our leadership teams. Our approach is also one of education and learning. The transformation needed within our businesses can only be realised if our managers can imagine the needs of a sustainable world and our leaders produce the visionary mandates that our managers need. Mitigation and Adaptation not mandated by law can be a hard sell however, as we enter the sixth year of our programme, our approach is gaining traction. Creating A Sustainable Business Environment - Policy & TS Air Noise Resource Conservation Energy / Carbon Water Waste Biodiversity Policies with TS Health Safety Food Fibre Sourcing Human Rights Security Transportation Product Stewardship Policy & MS Supply Chain & Procurement MS Sustainable Infrastructure Assurance Policies with TS Stakeholder Engagement Horizon Scanning MS Sustainable Business Reporting Monitoring and Reporting Programme Sustainabiliy Data Management and Reporting Policy with TS Crisis Management Policy with MS Supply Chain Management & Procurement Future Proofing our businesses TS Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Land Acquisition Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation MS Acquisition, Divestment & Joint Venture Due Diligence Project Development & Life Cycle Management Programme Life Cycle Assessment Energy Matrix Transition Supply Chain Mapping OUR FRAMEWORK POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP FUTURE PROOFING STRATEGIC STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Driving mitigation and performance today to international stds while assuring positive legal compliance Identifying business externalities, trends & risks of disruptions over time Building sustainable business models for mitigation and adaption *TS - Technical Standard MS - Management Standard