An Aditya Birla Group Commitment 15 By 2050, for a sustainable planet the necessary legal constraints on business will require many to completely transform their value chains to remain sustainable By 2030, we expect more demanding laws and regulations will further shrink the business operating space Reaching Best Practice today means developing even tighter control systems The Operating Space shrinks given voluntary adoption of today’s International Standards A Business “Operating Space” is bounded by the laws we have today Our approach To practically apply our thinking of what it will mean to operate in a sustainable world, we have developed a Group-wide Sustainable Business Framework that requires our businesses to develop i) the management systems needed to give proper control of our operations and supply chain under Responsible Stewardship, a programme designed to take us from simple legal compliance to alignment with international standards and on to best practice, ii) an expert and Strategic Stakeholder Engagement programme to build knowledge partnerships that help us make sure that we understand the challenges we face and, iii) Future Proofing our long-term planning to prepare ourselves for the necessary transformations needed for the future. 02 Creating A Sustainable Business Gain knowledge to understand how and when ‘External Factors’ will change and when disruptions to our businesses may occur. Including adaptation to external factors in our business strategic plans. Create a framework to move us towards international standards and mitigate our impact on ‘Externalities’. Responsible Stewardship Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Future Proofing OUR MODEL FOR SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS