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        USD 45
        Billion Revenues

        14                                                              Canada

        140,000                                                           USA


        Built on a strong foundation of    FIVE CORE VALUES
        stakeholder value creation, the Aditya
        Birla Group is a global conglomerate in   The Group's values are the guiding light
        the league of Fortune 500 with      for our businesses and people. They are
        revenues of USD 45 billion and a market   at the core of how we operate as an
        cap of over USD 60 billion at the end of   entity and help us make important
        FY21. The Group's roots can be traced   decisions. Our  ve core values are:
        back over 150 years to the 19th century.                                                       Brazil
        Powered by an extraordinary team of   Following the highest standards of           Bolivia
        over 140,000 employees belonging to    nancial and intellectual
        100 nationalities, the Aditya Birla Group   professionalism that is fair and honest
        is active in 14 industry sectors, and has                                                 Paraguay
        achieved global and national leadership   Commitment
        in several businesses, including metals,   On the foundation of integrity, doing all
        cement, pulp and  bre, carbon black,   that is needed to deliver value to all
        textiles, chemicals,  nancial services,   stakeholders
        and fashion retail.
        Through our products & services as well   A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless
        as our community outreach, we touch   pursuit of goals and objectives with the
        the lives of millions of people around   highest level of energy and enthusiasm
        the world. The Group's global
        leadership extends in multiple sectors   Seamlessness
        like Aluminium Rolled Products, Viscose   Thinking and working together across
        Staple Fibre, Carbon Black, Chemicals,   functional groups, hierarchies,
        Cement and Insulators.              businesses and geographies
                                            Delivering on time and choosing the
        For more details, please visit      best rhythm to optimise organisational        efficiencies

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