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        Since our Chairman, Mr. Kumar       production processes with lower    While sustainability was earlier linked
        Mangalam Birla, called on Aditya Birla   ecological footprints that also make for   more closely with environment, the
        Group (ABG) to become the leading   safer workplaces, sustainability-oriented   pandemic has heightened the focus on
        Indian conglomerate for sustainable   consumer preferences, and investment   social performance. Governance is the
        business practices across its global   criteria. This has signi cantly accelerated   pathway through which we are
        operations in Dec 2012, we have made   the need and search for sustainable   delivering performance across all key
        great strides to equip our businesses   alternatives to processes, products and   areas in our businesses. Thus, ESG is the
        with tools, provide access to       business models.                   new currency with which a company's
        information, put systems and processes                                 ability to sustain itself is being
        in place and develop strategies to help   The corporates that integrate   transacted.
                                            sustainability deep into their business
        us achieve the vision.
                                            will be the winners of tomorrow. The   We look at our “ability to sustain
        From the time we embarked on the    measure of success will be to create   Approach 2.0” through –4 Dimensions
        Group sustainability journey in 2013, we   surplus not only for the organisation but   (4D) lens of the (i) business sector of
        have always been cognizant of the   also all around and the key to success is   operation; (ii) geography of operation;
        expectations that all the different   the ability to strike the right balance. In
                                                                               (iii) position in the value chain to get
        stakeholders have from ABG businesses   environment, it will be to balance   holistic perspective; and (iv) time
        on aspects of Environment, Social and   between our needs and the ability of   horizon/ maturity of practices in a
        Governance (ESG). This has led to   nature to provide for them; in social, it   business. This allows us to get an in-
        consistent advancement in our ways of   will be a balance between the use of   depth understanding of the ESG aspects
        working, our processes, our products,   man and machine in the coming   that are relevant for our businesses, in
        our people capability and, above all, our   decades; and in governance, it will be   keeping with what different
        all-encompassing de nition of what a   about balancing the expectations of
                                                                               stakeholders' are expecting over a
        sustain-able ABG business is. As we   shareholders and stakeholders. I am   period of time. The approach lends us
        enter this 'decade of action', we are   con dent that it is this balance that will   both the internal context - our strengths
        strengthening our products, processes   take us ahead.                 and weaknesses as well as the external
        and people to be more sustainable.                                     context - risks & opportunities on all
                                            The theme of this year's Group level
        Sustainability is the top global trend   report is Accelerating ESGbility,   relevant ESG topics.
        right now - both in terms of the impact it   Strengthening Sustainability, every   In keeping with the ABG vision,
        is causing and the way the world is   word of which re ects our approach and   missions, purpose and the  ve Aditya
        taking note of it. The impacts are both   ambition. 'The ability to sustain' is the   Birla Group values – integrity,
        positive and negative. While on one   way we de ne sustainability at ABG,   commitment, passion, seamlessness and
        hand, we are seeing climate change   similarly, ESGbility is our ability to   speed, the contextual information is
        come to life through extreme weather   continuously raise the performance bar   used to develop/ update Group business
        events like unseasonal rains, storms,   on parameters across the 3 dimensions   strategies. An effective business strategy
        droughts, forest  res; on the other hand,   of E, S and G. We are now accelerating   is one that will stand the test of time,
        there has been a surge in the use of   ESGbility at both – the Group level   affirm our targets and plan actions to
        renewable energy, newer advanced    and within individual businesses.   achieve them.

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