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While ESG credentials

          today are a marker of

          good corporate citizenship
          and resilience, I believe

          they will soon become a

          growth driver for corporations.

          ESG in executive and operational    Responsible Resource Utilisation    game and hence to identify
          decision-making. The 2020s is, without   This means that we strongly optimise   opportunities to work in collaboration
          a doubt, 'the decade of action'.    the use of critical resources, tilt heavily   with various stakeholders across our
                                              towards circularity and recycling in all   value chain would create a tremendous
          Increasingly, our businesses are building   possible areas, and enhance the use of   impact for our businesses.
          ESG metrics in their strategies and
                                              alternate and cleaner energy sources to
          operations. Across businesses, our   reduce our carbon footprint. Across our   These  ve principles are a broad
          sustainability strategies now consider   businesses, we are aspiring to achieve   compass that will guide our strategies
          the 4 dimensions (4Ds) of sectoral   net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  and actions across our businesses. I
          uniqueness, geographies of operation,                                   believe we can achieve global industry
          and stakeholder expectations across the   Zero Harm Protecting our colleagues   leadership and thrive in the new world
          value chain, and time horizon.      from harm is the most critical ESG   through the cross-functional con uence
                                              priority. This is non-negotiable and the   of sustainability, innovation, technology,
          This implies that the ESG priorities and   zero harm targets to meet are - no   and customer-centricity in everything
          imperatives may vary from business to   fatalities and a 20% YoY reduction in   we do.
          business and market to market. And yet,   injury rates.
          our actions, every day and everywhere,                                  In this report, you will  nd granular
          must recognise the principles and   Sustainability Integral to Value    details on the progress made so far.  The
          guardrails that underpin our Group's   Creation Achieving a long-term future   journey towards sustain-ability is a long
          ethos. Here are 5 principles that could   for our businesses will increasingly   one. I look forward to your continued
          form the bedrock for enhanced       depend on the ethos of sustainability   support as we accelerate ahead.
          ESGbility:                          permeating all aspects of our
                                              functioning - the way we design, source,
          Transparency and Trust are at the    nance, manufacture, sell and service.   Kumar Mangalam Birla
          foundation of good corporate                                            Chairman, Aditya Birla Group
          governance both within our operations   Collaboration and Synergy This is to
          as well as across our value chain of   recognise that following sustainable
          suppliers and customers.            practices almost invariably leads to a
                                              win-win for all. It is never a zero-sum

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