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        Dear Reader,

        In FY21, a number of Aditya Birla Group   in diverse markets and sectors, and this   delighted to note that we have matured
        companies put a scrambled Rubik's   is a testament to our ability to sustain.   in our ambition and effort on
        Cube on the cover of their annual   This spectacular longevity is in sharp   sustainability during this period. We
        reports. The Rubik's Cube depicts the   contrast to the shrinking lifespan of   have equipped our businesses with the
        incredible challenge of achieving   modern corporations around the world.  relevant tools, provided access to
        alignment with 43 quintillion potential                                credible information, and put the right
        combinations. The challenge of our   The pandemic has reinforced the   systems and processes in place to
        times is similar - the challenge of   importance of delivering  nancial results   achieve our stated vision.
        maximising human welfare, economic   that align with the performance on ESG
        prosperity as well as environmental   i.e. Environmental, Social and   This is evident in the public targets that
                                            Governance aspects. While ESG      our businesses have taken in areas of
        health. This intricate puzzle has got even
        more complicated, thanks to an invisible   credentials today are a marker of good   ESG, our consistent reporting on the
                                            corporate citizenship and resilience,   progress made, and lastly, the external
                                            I believe they will soon become a   recognition that we have received from
        Today, we are inhabiting a dramatically   growth driver for corporations.   different quarters. I compliment the
        altered and paradoxical world - that is                                collaborative efforts of our business
                                            Hence the theme of this report:
        connected and disjointed; global and                                   colleagues and the corporate functions
        local; vast and small; safe and risky, all   Accelerating ESGbility, Strengthening   in making this happen.
        simultaneously.                     Sustainability, wherein we are
                                            reporting on the comprehensive     Having covered formidable ground and
        The COVID-19 pandemic has, in its wake,   measures taken and planned for the   given the evolving business landscape,
        also brought opportunities to accelerate   future to enhance ABG businesses' ESG   we have now embarked on the ABG
        progress on many dimensions. None is   quotient and ability to sustain.  Sustain-ability Journey 2.0 led by our
        more signi cant than sustainability. As                                Business Heads and ably supported by
        we de ned it for the Group,         Little less than a decade ago, I had set   their Chief Sustainability and Safety
        sustainability is our 'ability to sustain'   an ambitious vision for the Group to   Officers along with the Group
        and provide leadership with empathy,   become the leading Indian conglom-  Sustainability Team. The journey focusses
        collaboration, and the ethos of sharing.   erate in sustainable business practices   on the megatrends of the current decade
        Over a long arc of time, we have thrived  across all our global operations. I am  and accelerates the mainstreaming of

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