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In nite possibilities, abilities, and approaches by which to achieve our
                                    goals - the cover of this report represents the myriad opportunities that
                                    lie before us. In the cover design, along with in nity, we amplify
                                    adaptability and  exibility, the two key attributes of a truly sustain-able
                                    conglomerate. When we add to this  uidity, agility and the ability to
                                    retain its shape and position against all odds, we have a visual metaphor
                                    that best encapsulates Sustain-ability at the Aditya Birla Group.

                                    With this design, we are also bringing into focus - Vision. The in nity is
                                    made up of two eyes – the ABG on the left and the environment on the
                                    right. It depicts how our vision for business and sustainability are
                                    synchronised. ABG’s colour gradient going from left to the green on the
                                    right connotes how as a Group we are transforming into a more
                                    sustainable entity with every passing day.
                                    This report summarises the performance of ABG businesses, with their
                                    diversity of sectors, geographies, across Environment, Social and
                                    Governance (ESG) areas. Our companies are being regarded as
                                    sustainability thought leaders and exceptional performers in their
                                    respective sectors and geographies of operations. Ambitious business
                                    and Group level targets and detailed roadmaps have been formalised,
                                    and are ably supported by Group functions, framework documents and a
                                    plethora of learning and engagement modules. It also heralds the dawn
                                    of a new era - the Sustain-ability Journey 2.0, where we are adopting the
                                    4D approach and transitioning to an ESG-based model of sustainability.

                                    Together, these factors
                                    are Accelerating ESGbility –
                                    the ability to achieve
                                    a consistently better
                                    ESG performance
                                    year-on-year; and
                                    Strengthening Sustainability
                                    at ABG.
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